Job of Dream

In the childhood, you probably thought that in order to earn a lot of money, you need to become an actor, singer or professional athlete. Then you will be surprised because according to the recently published by the US Department of Labor list of the highest paid jobs, none of these professions is not only… Read More

Student with Fear

The ideal test is when the examiner knows everything, is confident in her/himself, does not fear the professor, knows how to express his/her thoughts clearly. In general – it is a dream. It happens very rarely. In order to calm you down, we decided to write this small manual for those taking the exam based… Read More

College Exam Panic

A sudden attack of anxiety, which occurs on the eve of college exam, is normal. You are not alone – musicians face this problem before concerts, athletes before an important performance, and office workers before the presentation of their project to the directors. However, this will not calm you, and fear often spoils the whole… Read More

Student in College

So, it is your last year in college or you have already graduated, and this time has come when you need to find a job. Maybe you have an intention to find it, but it often happens that many students hesitate to do it. If you do not know how to approach this task, here… Read More