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As we said in our previous article, organizing your own party may be quite a complicated task. So, most of college students prefer to visit their mates’ celebrations and have fun without making any efforts.

However, it sometimes happens that you come to a party and feel bored, while other people have fun. Why does it happen? The reasons can be different, but the result of such evenings is bad mood and disappointment. You may regret wasting your time on boring parties and think that the host is the only one who is guilty of your dissatisfaction.

But as a rule, the problem is the behavior and the absence of knowledge of how to act at the party. Some guys may not understand the point and continue to pretend introverts, when everyone is enjoying the time and dancing a lot.

Our team have tried to compile the most useful rules of behavior at parties and how to get satisfaction from them.

Remember About the Dress Code

Students Have Fun

When you receive an invitation to a party, you should pay attention to the dress code and follow it. If you wear inappropriate clothes, you may look very strange, and you will show your disrespect to the host.

For example, if you go to a Halloween party, you need to think about your costume beforehand. You can order it or make it yourself. Still it is better to think about your image the day before the event. Especially when it is a popular holiday and many people are searching for a costume.

Respect the Host

Keep in mind that since you entered a host’s place, you should behave according to the established rules. There may be some unpleasant boundaries for you, but do not break them. Respect your host and show that you are thankful for such a good party.

Moreover, you will avoid lots of problems behaving this way. It sometimes happens that students break the rules and enter the host’s parents’ room, take their car or break some devices in the house. In such case, you can be urged to compensate all the damage.

Dance and Have Fun

It is a common situation when a shy first-year student comes to a party and does not know anyone there. He or she is just staying away from the noise and the dance floor. Probably, such a person will feel bored soon. Keep in mind that you come to the party to have some fun and meet new friends. You can even exchange phone numbers with someone who seems attractive to you. Do not be shy to come and join other students.

This is not a big deal at a college party. Moreover, you should participate in the activities which a host offers. And go dance to the music – it does not really matter whether you are good at it.

Introduce Yourself

College parties are a good chance for first-year students to introduce themselves and get some useful contacts. You cannot just come to someone during a break before a lecture and start talking about something. It will probably look strange.

However, a party atmosphere is free and enjoyable, so you can easily join a company of the most popular people at your college. Do not be shy to introduce yourself: confidence is always attractive.

Alcohol Drinks

People Drinking Cocktails

Probably, there will be a lot of alcoholic drinks at a college party. However, it does not mean that you should try all of them. The main point is to have fun, but not to get drunk. Remember that your being boozy leads to conflicts and ruining relationships with close people.

You will regret drinking too much later. Be careful with alcohol: one or two drinks can make you more confident and sociable. However, after five cocktails you might become uncontrollable. Respect yourself and other people at the party.

Help with Cleaning

Sure, you can just leave whenever you want without saying “Bye” to your host. However, it is very impolite and you will not be invited to another party again. If you decide to go home, you need to find the host and thank him or her for the good time. Ask if he or she needs your help with cleaning the house, as it is easier to do it together. Besides, in this way you can show your respect to the house owner. It will not take a lot of time, but you will improve your relationships during it.

These tips and hints can make your party time more enjoyable and memorable. Sometimes, you may feel too shy to have fun. So, we hope that these points will help you with overcoming this shyness and enjoy your evening.

Visiting college parties has a lot of benefits and gives great opportunities to a young person. Stay respectful and polite even if some conflicts occur. In this way, your partying will be pleasant and painless.

In the next article, we will explain whether college students should visit parties and which benefits they can get from such events.

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