It is true that college years are the most memorable and enjoyable period in person’s life. Students have a lot of fun and make hundreds of friends. However, it does not mean that they can forget about their study. Still, they can learn the ways of combining education with parties, avoiding bad grades or… Read More

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Most of the students think about achieving future stable job even while studying at college. Some of them may a have a part-time one already. It means that young people are interested in building a successful career. However, this is not enough to get a promotion at work, as we know that the majority of… Read More

People at Office

The first question which may occur is not how to do your work effectively or how to raise productivity. People are interested in fitting in at a new workplace. This issue is not overvalued, as the quality of your job and working conditions depend on the relationships with your colleagues. It means that being a… Read More

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After graduation, most of the students face a similar problem: how to find a dream job with high salary and fine working conditions. It is true that many employers take into account only the workers, who have at least some experience in a certain field; however, the majority of young people do not have any.… Read More

Boss and Worker

In one moment, a person may understand that his or her job is not satisfying or even boring. Reasons may be different but, as a rule, quitting is the only solution. Sure, it may seem to be easy: just tell your boss that you want to leave. However, there may be lots of pitfalls, and… Read More

It is a common thing when young people meet with stress and even depression which were caused by their job. Most of them do not try to challenge these feelings and continue to suffer. It may be a long-term problem: sometimes a young person can live with it for several months or more. However, there… Read More