A sudden attack of anxiety, which occurs on the eve of college exam, is normal. You are not alone – musicians face this problem before concerts, athletes before an important performance, and office workers before the presentation of their project to the directors. However, this will not calm you, and fear often spoils the whole thing. In the result, you are drowning in grievances, regrets, and self-pity. This does not mean that you must leave everything as it is. On the contrary, you must defeat your fears so that they do not ruin your life.

College Exam Panic

Just Breathe

This is the simplest technique that has perfectly developed in a number of religious cults, as well as psychological practices. Its essence is that the time of inhalation should equal the time of exhalation. So, as long as you exhale, count to four, and when you start to inhale, then also count to four. Breathing is the only autonomous system of the body that you can control. This means that if you change the tempo and depth of your breathing, then you can change your mood and vice versa. So, before the immediate start of the exam, focus on slow and measured breathing – this will help to calm down.

Talk to Yourself

This advice may seem trite to you, but various kinds of life-affirming quotes told to oneself aloud do have a positive effect on mood. However, in order for the “mantras” to work, you need to believe in them. It is very hard to believe it if you treat such words as spells, and not the real words, behind which there is something real. You must use positive expressions, not negative ones. For example, if you say to yourself, “I know all about this subject, and I will pass,” then you will concentrate on the positive. However, if you say something like: “Well, I cannot spoil it,” then your mind will concentrate on the negative, which will only intensify the excitement.

Trust Your Knowledge

You studied sleepless nights and suffered various sores (mental and physical) not to fly off the coils before a critical day. You have experience that others do not have. You have knowledge that other students lack. If you accepted the challenge, you had probably known from the start that you can do it. The shakes that you are feeling right now are normal. Worst of all is when you listen to the remarks from the side, which make you feel helpless. Do not listen to them.

Know Your Strengths

The exam is in some way a competitive event. When you come to the class, there are dozens of students to whom you will be compared. Then you should concentrate on your own merits, as well as explore the shortcomings of others. If you analyze this case well, it will be much easier for you to get the desired grade. The same is true for any other match. If you keep a clear picture in your head on this account, then the excitement will go to the background.

Student in Library

Fall in Love with Your Anxiety

It is not absurd; it is a good advice. The fact that you are nervous indicates that there is a lot of adrenaline in your body, which means that your body is in perfect condition. The trick is to use this critical state for good, not evil. To begin with, it is easy enough to interpret the anxiety as something positive. Think that this is your charge, which will allow you to fulfill your plan.

Know Your Goal

If you go to something difficult, but you do not know your true goal, then it is very likely that you will get no profit. If you do not understand the goal, you completely impregnate your mind with fears and questions such as “Why am I doing this?” and “Why cannot I stay at home?” The cure for apathy, which can overtake you at the most crucial moment, is simple: you have to create a holistic picture in your head about the causes, consequences, the purpose of the task. If you understand why all this is done, then you will have a basis to start from.

After the exam, you will figure out that it was not so complicated, it was just your fears. Good luck!

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