College Party

The dream of every high school student is to enter a college and have a good time there. They expect to visit hundreds of parties and become party experts. However, most of them do not know even the simplest rules of partying.

Every year Hollywood directors produce dozens of movies about college life with plenty of interesting events and crazy parties. The main heroes always find solutions to issues which can occur at such parties. Nevertheless, it is harder to deal with those issues in real life. There may not be a wonderful remedy for all of them.

Some guys start to think of something really terrible only after it has already happened. It leads to many unpleasant consequences: problems with police, conflicts with friends, burned houses and so on. Sure, it is possible to prevent them and enjoy your college life. Inappropriate behavior may lead not just to a quarrel, but serious injuries and even imprisonment, which usually provokes dropping out of college and ruining all teenager’s dreams.

No Personal Features

This is a common mistake which party hosts usually make and then wonder why guests leave early. Sure, some say that it is enough to prepare some typical snacks for parties and buy several boxes of alcohol drinks, like beer or wine. Such events are often uninteresting and banal. Everyone likes originality, even in such details as a wreath on the door or napkins on the table.

So, it is essential to find an unusual approach to both decoration and menu. Add some snacks which are made according to your personal recipes. Most of us will never refuse to taste specific food and drinks. It is also great if snacks and cocktails are related to the main theme of a party. Decorations should be original as well. Do not put balloons and colorful stripes all around the house. Mix them with everything that supports the theme of the party.

Not Warning Neighbors

Police Arrests Teenagers

This mistake may be fatal for any party: it does not matter which kind of relationships you have with neighbors. They will definitely get angry if the music is too loud at 4 a. m. In the worst case, they can call the police and many of party guests may be punished.

On the other hand, a college party without dancing and singing may be really boring. The only solution is to have a talk with the neighbors beforehand. Explaining a situation clearly and honestly often works. They can go somewhere on the weekend and you will be free to choose how loud the music should be.

Not Enjoying Your Time

This is a common situation when the host is too busy to have fun and just walks around the house to see if everyone is satisfied. It is a wrong way to host a party. Sure, it is important to keep everything under control. However, it does not mean that the person who organizes a party cannot have a drink and dance a bit. It is a bad idea to try to do everything by yourself. It is better to ask a close friend for help. How can a single person prepare cocktails and solve conflicts between guests at one and the same time?

Not Enough Food and Drinks

Table with Drinks

If a party host expects to have a grand event, he or she should care about sufficient amount of food and drinks. It can be a big pity when in the middle of the night everyone realizes that there is no more beer left. It makes a host look like a greedy person who tried to save money on food and drinks. This means no one will come to this house again.

Keep in mind that there is no need to make complicated dishes. It is better to prepare simple but tasty snacks. Difficult cocktails are also unnecessary. Classical drinks are not worse and they are tested by time.

It is important to be careful and respect others while hosting a party. It can save young people from lots of problems with parents, police or neighbors. It is a pity when students transform their college parties into boozy events with a lot of alcohol. The main point of visiting a party is to have a good time and store plenty of pleasant memories.

So, you must be careful and not get into troubles. It is essential to remember that college years are not only a good time for partying, but a chance to get higher education and a well-paid job in the futu

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