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The first question which may occur is not how to do your work effectively or how to raise productivity. People are interested in fitting in at a new workplace. This issue is not overvalued, as the quality of your job and working conditions depend on the relationships with your colleagues. It means that being a good team player and having an ability to adapt are the necessary qualities in most of the companies. So, you have to know some secrets of blending in to avoid failures at work and conflicts with colleagues. No, there is no need to surf thousands of websites as we collected the most helpful tips in this article.

Focus on the Group

At first, there are some tips on how to behave with your co-workers. A common mistake among people of different ages is that they are too close-up and concentrated on themselves. Sure, it may be useful for your career development; however, teamwork is needed to produce a good result in most fields. So, take these points below into account.

Be Friendly

People Talking

The worst things you can do during your first days at a new workplace are burying yourself in the papers and not paying attention to anything except the computer screen. Try to establish a contact with your co-workers, be talkative during breaks and take part in group conversations. However, keep in mind that your boss will not be pleased if you spend all time gossiping or making jokes with colleagues. Do not be annoying or too chatty: people are here to work first of all, and a discipline should be kept.

Do Not Be Passive

Passiveness is not the best way to blend in. Of course, you probably feel shy and confused during your first day at a new place, but you should overcome this feeling and start to act. Show your boss and colleagues that you can take the initiative and are motivated to work hard. As a rule, there are no important or difficult tasks for newbies so that you may help one of your co-workers. That is also useful for implementing the previous point.

Be Good-Looking

It may sound banal, but you have to care about your appearance and clothes, even if there is no special dress code at your workplace. Many people ignore these rules and, sometimes, it is a reason why they cannot get a promotion or establish positive relationships with their co-workers. You do not need top brand clothes to be attractive. Just keep your clothes clean and look in the mirror before going out. Remember, that if there is a dress code, you have to follow it, as this is one of your duties as well.

Conversation with the Manager

Ruler of Company

It is a pretty good idea to have a conversation about career advancement with your manager. Firstly, it will make you aware of the possible perspectives in this company. It is vital to know which position you may get and what kind of efforts should be done for that. Secondly, a company’s management will understand that you are a serious worker who is ready to do his job well to get a promotion. However, do not speak about this point too directly, it may be annoying. Stay polite and patient, if you work hard, your career will improve naturally.

Find a Good Friend

We have already mentioned the importance of good relationships with colleagues. However, it is a great idea to find a friend with whom you will communicate even out of office. Which benefits does it give? First of all, this person may share his or her experience with you. It is a good way to get some information about pitfalls in a certain sphere, habits of your boss and relationships’ structure between co-workers.

Meet with Culture

It is not a secret that every company has its own culture and traditions, even the smallest ones. The best way to blend in is the understanding and the perceiving of these features. Do not stay away from the local events, for example, corporate parties. They are a good opportunity to build close relationships with your colleagues and discover them as individuals. Moreover, you can try to establish a contact with your boss; this may help you in getting a promotion.

To sum up, these tips are only a part of your success. The main things are staying in a positive mood and being able to work hard. It will be quite hard to fit in if you are a lazy person, who tries to get a promotion by using other workers. Try to avoid conflicts and keep a good relationship with both teammates and managers. In our next article, we will tell you how to deal with stress, which occurs because of your work. This is vital to know for everyone who wants to be successful.

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