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In one moment, a person may understand that his or her job is not satisfying or even boring. Reasons may be different but, as a rule, quitting is the only solution. Sure, it may seem to be easy: just tell your boss that you want to leave. However, there may be lots of pitfalls, and you have to know some secrets to avoid failures. There are many tutorials on the Internet about the correct quitting of a job, but most of them are useless in real life. We compiled the most helpful tips, which were tested by dozens of people, for your convenience. You can forget about the feeling of guilt when you tell your supervisor about the desire to leave.

Why Do People Want to Give Up?

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At first, it is necessary to mention why people decide to quit. Most of them used to like their job, however, in one moment things changed. It is a great question: “What is a reason for quitting a lovely workplace?” The answers are complicated as well. Below we give some common examples of situations which urge people to leave their service.

The Job Is Too Demanding

It usually happens that work becomes too complicated for a young person. He or she has to spend more and more time for doing it not only at the office but at home as well. It leads to tiredness and constant desire to have some rest. Sure, it is hard to work at such a pace, so most of the people decide to give up, especially young ones, who still are not ready for such difficulties after graduating from college. In case of part-time jobs, this issue is even more popular.

Poor Work Conditions

This is a reason why people just cannot stay at a certain workplace.  Poor working conditions may include lots of things from the absence of development to the bad interior at the office. As a rule, young people expect to get a better salary, lots of bounties and a lounge zone close to their desks. However, reality is different and sometimes it is impossible to deal with all negative aspects of one’s workplace. The only way out is quitting.

Low Payment

It happens that the skills and achievements of a young person may be underestimated. This leads to a lower salary and less financial bounties for a certain worker. As a rule, the employer does not rely on graduates that much and young people suffer from this issue. They are not less smart than other workers; the only problem is the absence of experience. That is why underestimating at a workplace and poor payment may be the cause of quitting a job.

Steps to Do It

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Sure, you cannot just leave your workplace, there is a certain procedure. However, the main point is that you should know how to behave during this process. It will help you prevent unpleasant conflicts while quitting and failures with getting a new job. Take the steps, which are presented below, into account.

Talk to Your Boss

It is the first thing you should do before creating a special paper. Arrange a meeting with your boss and explain him the situation. Stay clear and honest: you do not have to lie to save a friendly relationship. However, it is a bad idea to start claiming your right or arguing with your boss; be polite and tolerant – this is the right way of saving the chief’s neutral or even positive attitude to you.

Write a Paper

So, you discussed a problem with your boss and finally decided to leave. Now, you have to write a specific paper to quit your job describing the reasons why you leave; however, do not make it too detailed. Keep in mind that this is an official paper. You may easily get a sample of it in a hiring and firing department of a company. Do not forget that you have to work a certain time on this job until they find a replacement.

Do Not Burn Bridges

It is truly the worst idea which may come to a person’s mind. Sometimes, workers are too angry or rude while having a conversation about leaving the workplace. This leads to a negative impression of them and a bad reputation in a certain sphere as well. Shouting at your boss, even if you decide to quit, means burning bridges and a loss of helpful contacts. Remember that having a good relationship with your ex-boss may help you find another job in the similar field. The status of a brutal and impolite worker will, most likely, close all doors in front of you, as most of the companies in the same industry have close contacts and may define you as an employee who causes lots of troubles.

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