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At least once in their life all students organize a party. This is always a wonderful and enjoyable experience. Of course, partying is a significant part of college life. That is why students remember these years for the whole life.

As we mentioned in our previous article, you need to be able to combine parties and study. If you have learned how to do it successfully, it is the right time to make your own entertainment. The reasons for it may be different: your birthday, Christmas or just the desire to gather all your friends in one place and spend an enjoyable time with them.

Anyway, you need some tips and hints in order not to spoil your party and make it memorable for all your guests. There is no need to surf through numerous websites. We have compiled the most helpful tips for organizing a party in this article.

Make a Plan

First of all, it is essential to create a special plan. The main idea is to write down the most important things to prepare for your party in order not to forget about some details and throw a worse party than a planned one could be.

So, it is vital to set some priorities and start organizing the party according to the points in your list or plan. Do not leave a lot of tasks for the last days before the celebration. You will try to meet deadlines and hurry. It can lead to the poorer organization of your party and even lack of some significant elements.

Data and Location

Another important step is to choose the date and location for your event. Be careful while choosing the place: it should not be too small, as no one likes crowded parties without any space for dancing. Your own house is a good idea: you know it very well and can decorate it as you want.

If it is impossible for some reasons, you can rent an apartment, for example. If your party is going to be small, you can just make a reservation for a table in a restaurant or a terrace. However, we are talking about grand college parties with dozens of students, so you should care about the space for everyone and a big dance floor.

Before choosing a place, you need to think about the date for your party. It must be suitable for your guests. If most of them are busy, there will be few people and your event will be boring. Also, it is a bad idea to throw a party during business days. Students have to wake up early for their lectures and the majority will leave the party early. It is better to plan it for the nearest weekends.

Select a Theme

Themed Party

So, you have selected the location and date for your party. Now, it is time to start the organizational process. Firstly, you need to choose a theme. This is a trend nowadays, and events without a certain theme seem to be boring.

You can use all your creative skills and decide what the main theme of your party is. But remember that you will have to follow it in everything from decorating your house to setting a dress code. You can select whatever you like, and here we have some examples of party themes as well.

Hawaii Party

This is an unusual idea for a party, especially if you organize it during the winter. Your guests should wear specific Hawaiian clothes: flower accessories and swimsuits. It would be also awesome if you had a pool at your place. Choose the music and prepare some fresh fruits for snacks. Keep in mind that the atmosphere plays a great role.

Movies Party

Do you have a favorite movie? Probably, it is a well-known Hollywood film which most of your guests also like. So, you can select it as the main theme of your party. Hang the posters on the walls and download the soundtracks. Make your house look like a cinema. Prepare a lot of popcorn and other snacks, which you and your friends like to eat while watching a movie. In addition, you can ask your guests to choose a certain character and wear something similar to his or her clothes. This will be really enjoyable.

Sport Party

It is great if you throw a party dedicated to some sports events or just want to watch a match with your guests and then discuss it. You should decorate your place with athletes’ pictures and attributes of your favorite team. Prepare some snacks and drinks to enjoy while watching a sports competition, and relax with your friends.

Think About Entertainment

Students Playing Games

So, you have made a decision on a party theme. The next step is to think about entertainment for your guests. Sure, you will prepare some food and drinks, turn on the music, but it is not enough to make your party outstanding. You should search for some fun games for a big company.

Your guests will never be bored if they do not want to dance. In addition, you can hire a photographer or take pictures by yourself if you have a good camera. Your friends will be glad to see their photos and recall this party.

Invite People

When everything is planned, you can start inviting your guests. It is a pretty good idea to do it in an unusual form. Prepare some creative cards with fun sayings and send them to your friends. They will look forward to your party, as a good invitation promises a lot of fun.

If someone refuses to come, you should not be angry or disappointed. Your friends can have urgent things to do, so they will miss your event because of them. Stay polite and respectful in any case.

Making a good party is not an easy task, so you should take our advice into account. Remember that with diligence and creativity every student can organize an enjoyable event. Try to make it memorable, so do not forget to send photos to your guests.

In our next article, we will explain how to behave at a party thrown by your mates to get positive experience and emotions.

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