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It is true that college years are the most memorable and enjoyable period in person’s life. Students have a lot of fun and make hundreds of friends. However, it does not mean that they can forget about their study.

Still, they can learn the ways of combining education with parties, avoiding bad grades or constant tiredness. It is a sad picture when a student has to drink liters of coffee to stay awake and to come to a lecture. Moreover, it is very harmful to young person’s health. Sometimes, he or she may even get a serious disease because of the lack of sleep.

Our team have compiled some useful tips and hints to help students succeed in combining parties and good study. Just pay attention to the points below and you will avoid lots of problems.

Manage Your Time

First of all, you need to organize your daily schedule correctly and manage your time. A well-balanced schedule is the key to success in the college life. You should set the right priorities and detect the most important things to do every day.

It will help you to avoid lateness and tiredness. It is a typical situation when a student postpones his or her homework for several days, and it becomes too late to do anything as a result. On the contrary, if this or that task is planned beforehand and the time for it is selected, there will be no troubles.

You can simply download a specific app on your smartphone which will remind you of the urgent things.

Relax Enough

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Sometimes young people sacrifice their relaxation time in order to have more parties. However, it can have bad consequences. Students may catch many illnesses and suffer from constant tiredness. It is important to take some breaks both from studying and partying. After having enough rest, you can do your daily tasks with new energy.

Do not forget to have enough sleep after having a party. Usually, students go to their morning lectures after dancing non-stop at night. Such study is not effective and person’s productivity is very low.

How to tackle it? You should choose Fridays or Saturdays for partying in order to be able to have some time for a nap after coming back home. Remember that coffee cannot help you to stay awake during the whole business day; you will become exhausted and stressed.

Do Not Postpone Your Homework

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This is the worst way to combine studies and parties. Remember that if you once postpone some college tasks, they will show up later. As a result, you will lose a lot of time. On the other hand, students sometimes forget about such tasks and then spend nights to do them. It means no partying or going out at all. So, it is better to choose one evening and do all your homework, get prepared for classes, and secure your chance to go to a party as well.

Cooperate with Groupmates

How to deal with your homework faster? The best way is cooperating with your groupmates and making everyone do a certain part of the work. It saves time greatly and you will be able to go out with friends. However, it is possible only with big projects or similar tasks, which do not demand a creative approach. If you compose the same essay for several people or just rewrite it, your professor will notice it and say that your work is plagiarized. As a result, your grades will become worse.

Do Not Be a Grind

Although we all know that studying well is essential, you should avoid becoming a grind and concentrating your time and efforts only on classes and homework. College years are the most enjoyable and you can have a lot of fun during them.

However, you will not get any pleasure when sitting in your room and reading textbooks. It is necessary to accept invitations for parties which are organized by your mates. There you can find more new people and get exciting experience. The secret of a good student is not to become a wonk, but to enjoy college life without receiving bad grades and missing lectures.

So, it is important to combine both parties and studies in your life. Only in such way, you will enjoy your college years. We hope that our tips and hints will be helpful for you and you will advise this article to your groupmates. It can be truly hard for inexperienced students to manage their time on their own.

In our next article, we will explain how to organize your own party and make it perfect

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