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After graduation, most of the students face a similar problem: how to find a dream job with high salary and fine working conditions. It is true that many employers take into account only the workers, who have at least some experience in a certain field; however, the majority of young people do not have any. So, the task of finding a job becomes much harder for them. That is why we decided to set the pace for graduates and students, who try to find a part-time job. Our team compiled the most helpful tips and hints, which will help you avoid failures and disappointment during this search. Take this information into account and getting satisfaction from your new job is guaranteed.

Set a Clear Goal

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Most of the troubles with job searching, which may occur among students, are caused by the absence of a certain goal. Young people do not know what exactly do they want. Sure, there are some demands to the job conditions, salary and so on, nevertheless, it is not enough to find the most suitable workplace. You need to set a clear target: in which industry you want to get a job, what kind of work you can do, it may even be a specific company. Take your time and think a bit about your temper, habits, and life goals. This simple step will help you make the search much easier.

Choose a Tactic

It is a significant step, which sets the pace for the whole process of searching. A person has to choose a certain strategy and follow it. It may be a traditional tactic, which includes looking for advertisements, scanning job boards, contacting agencies and so on. These methods are still popular, and people sometimes find a great workplace thanks to them. However, the problem is that such information is usually too old or not relevant, which makes a job search a long and slow process. There are several modern methods as well. It is usually special websites with thousands of job advertisements.

Interview Process

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So, you finally arranged an interview in a pretty good company. However, there are more questions now, which arose because you do not know how to act there. It is true that a job interview is a stressful process as a rule, even if you try not to show your nervousness to a hiring manager. That is why we compiled some useful tips on how to make it a successful and pleasant experience.

Be Ready

The common mistake of many students and graduates is that they do not prepare for a job interview. It is wrong to think that you will be able to improvise. Keep in mind that having an interview is always a disturbing and stressful experience. So, it is much better to rehearse it at home. Just read some tutorials with typical interview questions and imagine a role-playing game: how will you act in a certain situation, which may occur during a conversation with a hiring manager.

Present Your Value

Many young people are not able to present their value during a job interview. They may even feel confused while speaking about their own skills and talents. Keep in mind that it makes you look like an insecure or embarrassed person. In addition, you may lose many perks if you do not speak up about your own benefits and attainments. It is especially important when a hirer starts a conversation about the salary. He may undervalue your skills and experience. If you are silent during an interview, it leads to a lower payment. Sure, it is a bad idea to talk big and describe yourself as the best worker ever. However, several words about your attainments are a necessary thing to get great working conditions.

After the Interview

The majority finds that leaving a good impression means just looking good, being polite and communicative. Nevertheless, it is not the only thing to which your interviewer pays attention. You will show good manners and respect to the hirer if you write a simple thank-you letter. There is no need to have an essay writer’s talent to create such a paper. It is a short and plain message in a friendly tone. Which things should be written there? First of all, you have to thank your interviewer for his attention and time. It is a respectful step, and an employer will definitely estimate it. You can also mention some major points, which were discussed during an interview. Remember, that writing about your advantages and talents in a thank-you letter is the silliest thing you can do, if you truly want to have this job.

Summing up, these tips are enough to find and get a pretty good job. It is a useful article if you are making your first steps on the career ladder. Moreover, it will help you avoid some common mistakes, which are popular among the graduates and students. However, this is not the end of the career building tutorial. In our next article, you may find some advice about fitting in a new clique at a workplace. This is also very important if you want to work in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

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