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After entering a college, the first thing that interests students is not always the way of getting good grades and effectively learning the material. They start thinking about grand college parties which everyone knows thanks to Hollywood films.

Some young people find that parties are an essential part of the years of study. Others argue that too much partying may lead to bad grades and even expelling of college. Sure, teachers and parents will say that it is better to stay at home and do your homework.

However, we have already explained how to combine study and parties successfully. Moreover, you know how to behave at such events thanks to our previous article. Now, it is time to tell you about some benefits and disadvantages of college parties.


It is true that first-year students feel uncomfortable at college during the first weeks or even months. It is important for them to adapt more quickly and make the process of socializing easier. Of course, students can attend different clubs or sections, participate in campus events, but parties are the best way to become free from shyness and meet new friends.

It is easy to start talking with people you do not know and get very close to them during an enjoyable party. This is a good chance to get some beneficial contacts and build relationships with local celebrities.

Reduce Stress

Students Relaxing

Parties are a pretty good way to reduce the level of stress after a hard week. You can just come to someone’s place and relax there. It is a chance for you to forget about your problems and tons of home tasks, which wait for you at home.

It does not mean that you can forget about all troubles in your life, but a break is necessary sometimes. When you dedicate all your time to studies, you will become too tired and depressed. Give yourself some time to relax and forget about the college. Besides, parties can help newcomers fight homesickness.

Happy Memories

As a rule, it is pleasant to keep photos from the last party you visited. They are the reasons why most of adults recall their college years with a smile on their faces. Thanks to these events, you can gain a lot of helpful experience and have thousands of enjoyable stories to tell. It is always amusing to speak to people who have some things to tell about their funny youth. If you want to be one of them, it is time to visit a party. Later, when you become an adult, you will have no time for it because of your work or family.

Drinking Alcohol

This is probably the biggest disadvantage of college parties. Young people are not able to control the number of drinks accurately. They do not notice how fast they become drunk. It leads to many conflicts at parties, which could never happen if students were sober.

Of course, it is possible to have a couple of glasses of beer or wine if you want. It can help you communicate with other people and reduce your shyness. However, being completely drunk results in bad things. Sometimes, even the police can be involved.

Preferring Parties to Studies

Students Reading Textbooks

Such tendency is not unfamiliar to young people. It is understandable: no one wants to miss the party of the year and prepare for tomorrow lessons instead. However, if such things happen very often, student’s grades can lower significantly. Sometimes, such student may even drop out of college, as their study achievements are not impressive.

How to manage this issue? Just pay attention to our article in which we explain the ways of combining parties and study.

To sum up, college parties have both positive and negative sides. The experience you will get after a party mostly depends on your behavior and decisions. You need to manage your free time correctly, combining study with partying in the most effective way.

It is better to be attentive and careful in order to take all benefits of parties and to avoid unpleasant consequences. Keep in mind that being a grind is not the best way to spend your college years. Have fun, but try to prevent various conflicts, which sometimes appear at parties. In this way, you will keep warm memories of your studies and gain a lot of friends. We hope that these tips and hints are helpful for you.

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