In the childhood, you probably thought that in order to earn a lot of money, you need to become an actor, singer or professional athlete. Then you will be surprised because according to the recently published by the US Department of Labor list of the highest paid jobs, none of these professions is not only in the top 10 but also not in the top 25. So, let us explore top 10 professions that can bring big money. Consider this information when choosing a college.

Job of Dream

Manager in The Field of Natural Sciences

The highest salary per year: $97,560

Duration of training: 6 years.

Natural science managers observe the work of other scientists of different areas: agronomists, chemists, biologists, and geologists. As a rule, they are engaged in scientific research in the field of pharmacology, consultations on environmental issues or work in municipal organizations. Often, such managers organize their own consulting or research firms, and can also act as expert witnesses during court hearings. You need to have at least a bachelor’s degree to get to the top, but it is better to obtain a Master’s degree in economics or Ph.D. Fortunately, many future employers pay for studying themselves.

In addition, the best and most highly qualified managers can get other key positions in their firms. In order to successfully solve complex financial problems, much more extensive knowledge is needed in all areas of human knowledge.

Marketing Manager

The highest salary per year: $100,020

Duration of training: from 4 to 6 years.

Marketing managers, like chief executive officers (CEO), are employed in all industries at all levels of responsibility. In a small accounting firm, a marketing manager can take part in the advertising of the company in the Yellow Pages and at the same time the manager in the company, represented in the list of 500 best companies of the Fortune magazine, is responsible for a multimillion-dollar contract.

Marketing managers can also take part in public relations, brand development, and the purchase of advertising in the media, the development of advertising companies, and even financial analytics.

The level of responsibility is a function that depends on the size of the organization in which the manager is working. For example, a marketing manager of the company from a Fortune list dealing with consumer issues will receive much more than a marketing manager in a small consulting firm.

Practical experience of negotiating, solving financial problems and other business skills – all this is taken into account. In most cases, marketing managers are trained for four years (bachelor), and a Master’s degree in economics management will definitely help to climb the career ladder.

Manager of Computer and Information Systems

The highest salary per year: $100,110

Duration of training: from 4 to 8 years.

They are responsible for the overall strategy and direction of development of the company’s IT. Many of them start as developers or analysts, but a person gains experience and additional professional knowledge, and some of them have an ability to manage the whole enterprise information system. In many companies, this profession is very valued and accordingly paid due to the modern era of technologies.

And although this is a fairly new industry, there are many stories about extremely talented developers who have taken a very high position in their companies without having an appropriate scientific degree. However, at present, more and more employers are choosing candidates with bachelor’s degree in computer technology or mathematics.

IT Specialist

Air Traffic Control Manager

The highest salary per year: $100,430

Duration of training: 9 years.

The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States deals exclusively with the employment of such specialists. Air traffic controllers are responsible for the safe work of private and commercial airlines.

First of all, their responsibility is to coordinate the movement of planes in the airspace (all airplanes must be located at a safe distance to minimize delays in the movement of aircraft). Usually, the air traffic control team works together and coordinates the take-off and landing of planes as well as communicates with pilots and warns them about bad weather conditions.

To become an air traffic controller, you must enroll in a special program approved by the FAA, and go through all the checks. Exceptions can only be made to those who already have experience in the military or aviation fields. It usually takes four years of training, three years of experience and your application for the exam.

If you successfully pass the exam, after that you will have a 12-week training, according to which you will receive the specialty of the route developer. Only after 2-4 years of work on this specialty, you will receive the profession of an air traffic controller.


The highest salary per year: $110,590

Duration of training: 7 years.

The legal system covers almost every aspect of our society. Often we know much about criminal and administrative law, but everything is much more complicated. Commercial law, international law, family law, private law, intellectual property and civil law – all these spheres must be taken into account.

Some lawyers choose a separate industry (construction, collection, and disposal of waste, security or insurance), while others are engaged in contracting matters, or represent the prosecutor/defendant’s side in court.

This industry is well-regulated, and the specialists employed in it adhere to a very strict moral code. Lawyers must pass examinations provided by the state. However, in most cases, lawyers must have a bachelor’s degree and graduate from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association, which takes about three years.


The highest salary per year: $132,660

Duration of training: 8 years.

In this area, there are many professions, including orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, and pediatricians, many of whom become practitioners. In general, private dentists are engaged in other activities, including administration and maintenance of accounts.

In all states, dentists need a license, so candidates must complete one of 56 accredited schools. Graduate pass written and practical exams. Although most schools only require a two-year college education, most candidates receive a bachelor’s degree. Studying in special schools takes from 3 to 4 years, and if you want to specialize in some field, it will take another two to five years.

Civil Aviation Pilot

The highest salary per year: $134,090

Duration of training: 5 to 10 years.

The pilot is not only the captain of a commercial airliner. He/she can fly on helicopters, be a test pilot, director of airlines, spray fertilizers on fields, watch air traffic and fly cargo planes.

Probably everyone knows about the advantages of commercial airline pilots (according to the rules of the Federal Aviation Administration, they should not have more than 100 flight hours per month). However, it is not so easy to receive this specialty. In order to get a pilot’s certificate, you need to be 18 years or older, and you must have at least 250 flight hours.

To become a commercial airline pilot, you must be at least 23 years old, have not less than 1,500 flying hours, and you must pass the FAA exams.

Here you do not need any four-year education. However, due to the increased level of competitiveness, more and more companies require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree. Also, due to the fact that flight hours are needed, many pilots acquire their experience in the army.

Technical Supervisor

The highest salary per year: $140,210

Duration of training: from 6 to 7 years.

Technical supervisors are responsible for planning, coordination, research, design, and production. Often, they monitor the work of managers of natural sciences and managers in computer and information systems, i.e. two professions that are already on our list.

Usually, technical managers determine specific technical and scientific tasks, give their general idea, plan their implementation and, in some cases, are responsible for the financial viability of the new project. However, the most highly paid are technical managers engaged in the production of semiconductors and electronic devices.

Many of them, except Bachelor’s degree, also receive a Master’s degree in management economics or a Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

The highest salary per year: $140,880

Duration of study: it differs.

CEO is the most important official face of the company (and often the most highly paid one). He/she is responsible for the strategic direction and production management of the company.

Usually, the CEO is headed by the board of directors, which is chosen by the shareholders. However, in small companies, the CEO is not just the chairman, he/she is the entire board of directors oneself.

There are many ways to become a CEO. In large companies from the list of the magazine “Fortune,” you can see an employee with a 30-year term of work in a managerial position, along with a hired seasonal executive director. The easiest way is to create your company and make yourself the chief executive officer.

In the case of corporations, a bachelor’s degree is mandatory, and it is better to have a Master’s degree in economics management, although this is not so important if you have skills.


The highest salary per year: $181,850

Duration of training: 10 to 15 years.

According to the LinkedIn report, the biggest salaries in the USA in 2017 are received by workers of medical institutions. Despite the fact that a lot of medical professions are among the most highly paid, the best are surgeons, and in particular – therapists. A lot of them are dealing with the problems of the heart and brain of a person.

Even for general surgery and small operations, additional formal training and years of experience are required. Of course, in order to start a long and thorny path, it is enough to have a bachelor’s degree, but it is preferable to choose biology or similar area because here you can get general knowledge for entering medical school.

After college, there are four years of medical school, the first two of which you will spend in classrooms, and two more years you will work with patients under the guidance of doctors. The next step is residency. It can take from three to seven years, depending on the candidate’s desire to obtain a certain specialization.

In addition, the candidate must be licensed. Despite the fact that this profession is so highly paid, everything is not so simple and not cheap: more than 80% of graduates of medical schools have student loans.

So, the diversity of professions is great, however, it takes a lot of time and practice to obtain the specialization you want. Of course, you need to work hard in order to get a well-paid job.


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