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Most of the students think about achieving future stable job even while studying at college. Some of them may a have a part-time one already. It means that young people are interested in building a successful career. However, this is not enough to get a promotion at work, as we know that the majority of students start at the bottom of the career ladder. They used to make a lot of mistakes before getting a workplace in a company with job security, high salary, and a generous incentive scheme. Our writing team wants to help you to avoid some of them. That is why we compiled a list of common mistakes in this article and explained how to prevent these failures.

Quick Change of Jobs

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Many people used to change jobs quickly without any planning or comparing several choices. They often regret about being so hurried. There is no need to apply for a first vacancy you see on a work search website. Keep in mind that a person may spend even several months to find a great workplace with plenty of incentives. Take your time and be attentive to every single advertisement. You may ask a recruiting agency for help as such organizations usually give a possibility for training and have a great number of vacancies in lots of industries. In addition, a person who often changes jobs may look like an irresponsible and unstable one. It is a bad sign for employers, as none of the great companies wants to deal with such workers.

Passiveness During Interview

Often people, especially young ones, who have just graduated from college, are too passive during the job interview. They cannot show their value, and that leads to poor working conditions or a low salary. The reasons are different: some workers are afraid to be annoying or impolite; others may think that they do not have a right to ask for a better payment. However, there is only one result– the absence of job satisfaction. Do not be too shy to explain a hirer that you deserve the better working conditions or some perks. It is a common thing, and a good manager will understand your point of view.

Burning Bridges

This is a common mistake among young people as they make decisions too quickly and do not think about consequences. It is the worst idea ever to burn all bridges with your previous employer. Except for the situations, when you were mistreated at your workplace. Anyway, it is better to do your job effectively during your last period (two weeks, as a rule) and keep a friendly contact with your boss. Do not tell nasty things about your previous work to a new employer or colleagues. It will make you look like a hypocrite. and people will have no respect for you.

No Poor Treatment at Workplace

Many average workers suffer from constant poor treatment at work or too demanding employers. Why is it time to change a job? Maybe the main sign is that your boss ignores you, makes you work overtime and does not pay attention to your needs. Such behavior is inappropriate in a healthy work environment. If you do not speak up, an employer will give you more and more impossible tasks and only use you as a laboring force. It is a trap from which many young people cannot find the way out.

Improving Skills

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If you finally decided to quit a job and find another, you may need to improve some knowledge and skills in a certain industry. This will improve your chances for a great workplace. For example, essay writer should develop his writing skills and practice a lot. Without an ability to work quickly and keep the quality good, he will not get a better job. It is a pretty nice idea to enter some training courses. Keep in mind that every industry is constantly developing, and you need to keep your skills up to date as well.

Changing Because of Sum

Sure, a high salary is one of the most important characteristics of a perfect job. However, it is a bad idea to make is point the priority while looking for a new workplace. A great payment does not mean that you will be satisfied with the other conditions, namely your colleagues, the boss, the office and so on. The money earned at a certain job is not worth getting the sick building syndrome, for example, and the process of work becoming displeasing for you.

Orientation on Others’ Success

It is maybe the worst thing you may do in your career development. It is a part of human nature to observe the success of others and set a goal to reach the same things. A young person should not choose a certain industry only because someone else has a great salary and pleasant working conditions there. You have to take into consideration your own temper and interests. That is a key to finding the most suitable job. Do not get into the trap of envy. In our next article, we will tell you about the process of job hunting and the main steps you should do to get a perfect workplace.

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